Up in the air

This movie starring George Clooney as Mr. Ryan Bingham,Vera Farmiga as Alex Goran,Anna Kendrick as Natalie Keener.This movie was directed by Jason Reitman.It is about a man with a job in a company who is traveling around the country.He was rewarded for having 10 million miles.He was not close with his family,they don’t have closure.This movie is such a wonderful one eventhough it is boring it made me realize of life and relationship status with people.


Amazing photos.

This photo was taken from an Olympus Digital Camera a new camera from the U.S with so many uses and is really convenient. This photo was edit through PHOTOSHOP CS5 a site wherein we can edit pictures that are really amazing.


I am spongebob and your patrick. I hope that we can be like them.

A day of SADNESS

SAD , lonely , pretty kid. She represents me in my official status now. Eventhough she is a kid she has no time to play with her friends she thinks so deep but still can smile.

A colorful bracelet

A colorful bracelet i found this picture at my friend anna’s site.I want a bracelet that is like this but just another statement I would buy it if the statement is ” YOU MADE MY LIFE SO COLORFUL“.

“The Blogger”

I am Diana Faith C. Julian of Zamboanga City,Philippines.I am a junior student of Western Mindanao State University Integrated Laboratory School Secondary Department.This blog site is one of our “assigned tasks” to do in school as part of a student life,i am now enjoying and loving the way this blog site is working.

“I wanna be a billionaire”

TRAVIS McCOY.He is the on who sang the song billionaire.That was  top1 in the billboard chart last week.

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