“The Notebook”

This photo is from the movie The Notebook.A story of a women who is a newly teen who used to have a vacation on his father’s place and a man who is from the county who fell in love with the woman and then a sudden was separated because of the world war.

Watch the movie for the whole narration of the story.


“My collections”

My collections of Domo bears, Spongebob DVDs , Nike shoes and SLR camera for capturing great moments. This photo is from my tumblr account.

The Glee

The Glee Club an american television show that features youth talent and skills,like singing and dancing.


I love a man that can be like him.Protect and care for many people.Loves only one women,with super powers.He can be a model to the teenage growing man.They can share their love to others.Like superman’s power.

“My teacher,My hero”

He has been my inspiration through the years,a teacher who teaches lessons in class and gives time to make us realize what life is.He who touched my heart.He who see the tears from the
children’s eye.He who guides and cares for me as well.He who shares stories,laughter and cries with us.He who shaped our minds one child at a time.He had made a difference,he had changed me.I share my¬† feelings,sad or a beautiful story with him.I who really adores and idolize him.I become the person that i am today because of him.He made me a determined and a capable student.He is not only a teacher for me,he is a star,a brother.He scolds me if i did something wrong.He is an extraordinary person,not only a simple teacher,he is the best.His name and his deeds stocked in my heart,he did something that even my parents can’t do.He who changed my world.He makes me giggle with his jokes and quotes.He can complete my day.I hope that he is proud of me as i am proud of him.He is a hero.

He is no other than.


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